assignment.03+ | Space Light

lightWell – changingLight This video is a six day time lapse of the changing light (or lack thereof) of the light well on the 4th floor of the White Stag Block. By greyscaling the video and boosting the contrast, I was able to focus more on the amount of light in the space. As you … Continue reading

assignment.0X | Biblio

This will be a continually updated bibliography. I will use it much the way I use my diigo account, a repository for things that interest me. Some of the sources will be in an annotated form, while others will serve solely as a resource or a reminder to myself and others. Update June 9: Added … Continue reading

assignment.04 | Thoughts

Since my last post I have been working on gathering resources and influences that I have been studying, as well as capturing data on changing light in the light well on the 4th and 5th floor of the WSB. After viewing the video I have created of changing light in this space, I have decided … Continue reading

assignment.04 | Comment

Jerome you have done a great job of researching the possibilities of what you are interested in. Lisa Iwamoto’s “Digital Fabrications” is a great introductory teaser of what has been happening with digital fabrication over the past years. The (Ply)Wood Delaminations project in that book was done at Georgia Tech while I was there, unfortunately … Continue reading

assignment.02 | variegated Screen

variegatedScreen This video is a second iteration in the study of manipulating light through a moving screen.  This screen uses varying sizes of slits that open and close when the screen is bent revealing reflected light.  It creates a nonuniform glow about the screen resulting in a more interesting pattern and light quality.  I also … Continue reading


assignment.02 | Screen Study +

These panels were an extra exploration.  They are investigating one of the ideas I have for my final installation which has been discussed on here in other posts.  I learned a great deal from doing this exploration and have since updated my thoughts and ideas of kinetic joints and materiality.  It began as an investigation … Continue reading

assignment.03 | Changing Light

changingLight This video shows the dynamic nature of a screen and how the manipulation of that screen can effect light.  The screen is manipulated using an Arduino and the Firefly plugin for Grasshopper.  This movement bends the paper allowing the slits to open and close according to the radius of the bend.  The tighter the … Continue reading

assignment.02 | Light Box

AssignmentTWO allowed me to take my ideas and findings from AssignmentONE and push them further into reality.  I began experimenting with panels that can bend and move, trying to find a form or cut that allows freedom of movement without excessive hardware.  In these panels I was investigating the wash of light either from direct … Continue reading

assignment.02 | Thoughts + Proposals

I have been doing a lot of reading/thinking/looking/reflecting on light lately and have established two ideas I want to explore through a final project. Both of my ideas manifest themselves in an installation that manipulates both space and light.  I would begin by taking some of the ideas that Jeffrey Maas and I have investigated … Continue reading

assignment.01 | Shadow Panels | +

These are some additional panels, created to study the light and shadow qualities of diffused systems.  panel.FOUR is investigating a scale type pattern that allows light to spill through the openings while allowing a diffuse glow of the bristol paper.  I want to further study this type of system in wood veneer which I feel … Continue reading