ADX FabFest

I was invited to display my lamp at ADX for their Fabrication Fest dinner.  It was one of two projects that were displayed for the Feast that occurred on Saturday, September 17th, the other being Canary, on which I collaborated with PD(x)Lab.  This is a bad photo, but I thought I’d share anyways. Advertisements

graduate Portfolio

Attached is a pdf of my portfolio of my graduate work. gsosebeePortfolio

apres | competitionEntry

Some know and others do not, but I wanted to post here that my lamp has been entered into the ACADIA 2011 Design + Fabrication Competition, info here.  The original deadline for submission was the day before my final Thesis review, so my good friend Max Taschek helped me get the final submission together.  I … Continue reading

assignment.05 | Inspiration Presentation

  presentation Beginning in 2005/6 I became interested in Digital Fabrication.  At that time I was at Georgia Tech in my junior year of my Architecture degree when the school held a new distinguished chair position.  It was called the Ventullet Chair and the first person to hold the seat was Monica Ponce de Leon … Continue reading

assignment.04 | finalLuminaire

Despite the setbacks of frying the chip on my EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver and various other software and hardware glitches, I have finished my final luminaire. It does not autonomously detect presence and move (due to the dead chip) but it does have a little string for you to GENTLY pull on. Now its Thesis … Continue reading

assignment.04 | Arduino

My components are ordered and are expected to arrive on Friday by the end of the day, so I thought I should take a stab at writing the Arduino sketch to control my luminaire. Having experience in both Processing and Arduino definitely helped me with this sketch as I do not yet have the hardware … Continue reading

assignment.04 | luminairePrototype

I have successfully processed and fabricated my first luminaire.  I do not want to say the design is completed, but I learned more than I can ever hope for in this mock-up.  The prototype is based on a 16″ diameter sphere which is about half as small as I am wanting, up it allowed to … Continue reading

assignment.04 | processDefinition

Recently I have been diligently working on my Grasshopper definition, trying to get it to the point where I can bake my geometry and then go directly to the laser cutter with my material.  To make a 32″ diameter lamp, I will need 16 sheets of 14″x17″ bristol, which is the material I have been … Continue reading

assignment.04 | ProcessPrototype

These images are capturing some of my first attempts and exploration in mocking up my luminaire.  The current idea is a form that can morph allowing more or less light to escape its interior.  I have taken some of my previous panel studies and their kinetic abilities (or lack thereof) and established a system that … Continue reading

assignment.0? | Process

I thought I would post a few images of what I have been working on lately so that those of you who do not frequent my desk can be up-to-date. I am working on getting the form of my luminary to a point where I can begin doing larger tests and begin working on the … Continue reading