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These images are capturing some of my first attempts and exploration in mocking up my luminaire.  The current idea is a form that can morph allowing more or less light to escape its interior.  I have taken some of my previous panel studies and their kinetic abilities (or lack thereof) and established a system that will allow the form to squish, therefore opening up the slits on the panels.  The concept of the form comes from a sunflower, its overlaying petals create a very intriguing pattern as it effects the light that pass through its membrane, and its ability to move and track the sun.  These ideas transform themselves into a luminaire which not only emits light but actually controls it based on the proximity of people.

The last image (wallpaperThree) is an example of a Wallpaper Group 3 from our reading by Lionel March and Philip Steadman.  I thought I would include it as inspiration so that people can see some of the possibilities of these planar symmetries.  I have developed it for my thesis project, where it becomes various types of walls, from completely opaque disintegrating to a sun shade over glazed portions.  The idea is these would be a modular cast component, where the form work could be modeled and milled resulting in a form work that can be adaptable.  Allowing for subtle changes in panels concavity a series of panels can be cast allowing for more variation on along the facade.  The generating concept comes from caustic networks and cracked mud, in the idea of how these very organic looking systems are actually ruled by physics and mathematical proofs.  I have begun conversations with Nathanael Malone of Fuez, who owns and operates a precast concrete company here in Portland, whose work includes using a 3-axis mill to create the form work for very regularized counter tops and patios.  We have begun to discuss the possibilities of using computational design and digital fabrication techniques to introduce new ideas to his company.

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  1. nywcheng says:

    Geoff, Great to see these beautiful photos. THe motion for the compressible lamp looks very elegant, I could easily imagine the orange peels made of the segments of slotted petals. The continuous surface of the paper orange peels provides spring to restore the form to a more vertical cylindrical shape. I would look at whether you could design the slots so that they allows an elegant transformation from vertical cylinder to squat pumpkin. I would be curious how you could link the petals into a foldable net that has a resilient spring. You will need to arrange the compression device so that the tension cables don’t interfere with the lighting source.

    You could look at whether a checkerboard or honeycomb pattern of petals is more helpful than a straight linear connection. You could then use parametric to create the family of petals for a sphere (or other shapes?) Look at, especially the Kangvarn and Knan products relate to your ideas.

    The wallpaperThree image is very beautiful – I would be interested in seeing how it transforms to create the facade variations. Glad to hear you have a possible commercial partner – very exciting!

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