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Jerome you have done a great job of researching the possibilities of what you are interested in. Lisa Iwamoto’s “Digital Fabrications” is a great introductory teaser of what has been happening with digital fabrication over the past years. The (Ply)Wood Delaminations project in that book was done at Georgia Tech while I was there, unfortunately I was not able to participate in the design process, however, I can attest that they dramatically change the space in which they inhabit.

Para Cloud GEM is a great tool and works hand in hand with Sketch Up which is the AAA-Portland’s modeling tool of choice. If you are interested in these techniques and technologies, I would urge you to begin using Rhino and possibly Grasshopper as it gives you the flexibility of a better modeling platform along with a generative parametric design tool. With those tools, you can make your waffle grid quickly and easily so you can try various forms repeatedly.

I would also urge you to look at the work of Gego, she was a Venezuelan artist whose oeuvre from the 60s-80s is expansive and simply beautiful. Her work with wire especially is quite remarkable and a few of her pieces evoke the feeling that I feel you were interested in…the pixelated shadow. I have a book of her work that you can borrow if you would like. I don’t know if it is still something you are interested in, but I feel that it still resonates in your light study in the video. The pixelated hidden shadows were very interesting and I would push you to begin to explore these in various forms and through various materials. I can begin to see those ribs being made from a translucent acrylic so that they would begin to glow and be shadowed at the same time.

Other sources of inspiration for you to look at would include the book “Manufacturing Material Effects” as well as the work from Achim Menges, Gramazio Kohler and Andrew Kudless.

Office DA, Inc. | Monica Ponce De Leon and Nader Tehrani | Architecture, Urbanism, Design. Web. 22 Apr. 2011..


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