assignment.02 | variegated Screen


This video is a second iteration in the study of manipulating light through a moving screen.  This screen uses varying sizes of slits that open and close when the screen is bent revealing reflected light.  It creates a nonuniform glow about the screen resulting in a more interesting pattern and light quality.  I also experimented with how the slit moves; the previous screen was made up of slits in paper, while this one uses circular holes at the ends of the holes to allow the slit to flex more.  I also used a dashed line as a hinge, which makes it easier for the triangular pieces to move.

The varying sized slits are made by interpreting the Brightness of pixels of a base image.  Each of these brightness levels are then mapped into slit length in much the way you would create a halftone pattern.  The circles and the “hinges” were also created in grasshopper.  The final resulting curves were baked into Rhino applied to different layers and sent to the laser cutter.  The dashed lines were a manipulation of the PPI (pulses per inch) of a specific color, which allowed me to tailor the dash pattern without having to manipulate the linetype file within Rhino.

One Response to “assignment.02 | variegated Screen”
  1. nywcheng says:

    Geoff, for this new lasercut screen, the idea of perforating and pre-folding the flaps makes sense to me. The perforations and end circles could be much more subtle: the circles especially distract from the overall effect. If you increase the amount of light on the surface by opening the flaps more, it could be more effective. And yes, it could be interesting to try different colors on different flaps.

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