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These panels were an extra exploration.  They are investigating one of the ideas I have for my final installation which has been discussed on here in other posts.  I learned a great deal from doing this exploration and have since updated my thoughts and ideas of kinetic joints and materiality.  It began as an investigation of how to hang individual panels from one another such that as one is lifted, it informs the one above it and it the one above it, etc.  The resulting panels manifested themselves in found materials, the larger opaque being a grey museum board the second being 1/8″ acrylic.  I used the laser cutter to render a halftone pattern of a radiolara on the overall panels and experimented with using the film on the acrylic as a mask for painting.  The radiolara image was chosen as it begins to inform its own pattern, but when viewed as a whole it still is rendered as something nearly indistinguishable.  The resulting panel is very evocative as you experience at it perpendicularly the pattern almost fades, but as you begin to move obliquely the pattern begins to emerge and give a greater depth.

These panels failed in their final state, however, as they failed to move freely.  This is due to the threads of the bolts catching the edges of the museum board.  I need to sit down again and reevaluate the connection between the panels and how each will inform the movement of its neighbor.

In parallel with these ideas, I have been exploring an interlocking pattern that could be cut and notched together to create orbs that could be lit from within.  As a precedent I have looked at projects from PROJECTiONE (LightForms) who have done a similar thing.  I have been able to write a Grasshopper definition that will panelize the surface with the desired geometry, but have not been able to find the geometry that would allow me to connect both along lines of latitude and longitude yet will still allow movement when “squished” or elongated.


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