assignment.02 | Light Box

AssignmentTWO allowed me to take my ideas and findings from AssignmentONE and push them further into reality.  I began experimenting with panels that can bend and move, trying to find a form or cut that allows freedom of movement without excessive hardware.  In these panels I was investigating the wash of light either from direct lighting or from reflected light.  I feel that to an extent all of them were successful, however, I do not feel that any of them accomplished what I had hoped.  I have since gone and tried another type of construction to allow more movement.

This exercise brought up a lot of questions for me and answered a few questions.  For my final project I am leaning towards an installation in the 4th/5th floor light well, however, I do not feel that the quality of light in that space is very conducive to manipulation.  My changing light final assignment is a video investigation the change of light within that space, so I know exactly what I am working with.  It would also be beneficial for me to build a digital model of the space which would allow me to do day lighting studies in Ecotect.

Regardless of the quality of light that is available in the space, I can still manipulate my project to provide light instead of manipulating natural light.  We shall see.


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