assignment.01 | Shadow Panels | +

These are some additional panels, created to study the light and shadow qualities of diffused systems.  panel.FOUR is investigating a scale type pattern that allows light to spill through the openings while allowing a diffuse glow of the bristol paper.  I want to further study this type of system in wood veneer which I feel will give me a very nice rich glow yet still allow spilled light through onto its surface.  I also want to investigate the possibilities of varying the opening size, either through a static dimension or through the implementation of movement.  panel.FIVE is investigating slits which can open up like gills to allow more light through or close down to limit the amount of light.  This idea went through three iterations, the first failing to open due to the lack of notches which allow the paper to flex and rotate.  The second iterations I solved the opening and closing but like all of the other panels the paper would glow with backlight, I wanted to focus on the diffused light that passes through the slits, so in the third iteration I painted the backside of the paper with a semi gloss silver paint.  This did two things for me, it made the paper more opaque which meant I could see the effect of manipulating the slits, and second it created a bit more bounced light that could pass through the system.

In both of these panels I was more interested in studying the panels as recovers of light and less of manipulators of shadow.  However, on both of these studies there were some very interesting shadows created from the apertures.  Both of these ideas I could see implemented architecturally, allowing the control of light as the occupants needed and both creating interesting patterns on both their own surface as well as receiving surfaces.

One Response to “assignment.01 | Shadow Panels | +”
  1. nywcheng says:

    Geoff, Great to see such simple structures yield such evocative images. The fish scale panel.FOUR came out particularly well. I’m trying to understand how the light source and pin configuration is creating the circular pools of light. Nice job on the photography as well. I originally thought that the wires on panel.FIVE were for LED’s. Maybe that is the next step? You could also look at cutting integral tabs on the slats so that the spacers are part of the pattern. Grasshopper could give you some dynamic variability in the length of the spacers or the slit pattern. Another possibility is using the slit deflection to create 3D surfaces or shells, i.e. armadillo or hillside slopes.

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