assignment.01 | Shadow Panels

Shadow Panels is about the discovery of shadows and shaded surfaces through the exploration of material and technique.  These are the first of my studies of the Shadow Panels, I ave been exploring the nature of shadows through the manipulation of layered surfaces.

First starting with a regularized panel of 1/8″ bristol strips each of which having different curvature in the z-dimension, I explored the layering and interplay of shadows, light and material. Finding beauty in the playful nature of these delicate strips and their shadows.  The composition of the strips with their shadows creates a depth of intrigue.

The second panel explores the same material but through the form of a web.  These shadows are increasingly intriguing as the panel is held at an angle to the receiving surface.  The shadows do not build upon one another like in the first panel, but they create intriguing patterns that are ephemeral as the lighting changes.

The third panel begins to explore the phenomenon of reflection and refraction.  Layering acrylic strips of varying depth together creates two surfaces in which to study.  One being smooth and planar the other showing the relief from the varying depths.  Through this panel I am beginning to explore shadow and light through light passing through a surface instead of passing around.  I am intrigued by the resulting caustic like patterns that are formed when reflections are layered upon the shadows from these varying strips.

These panels have begun to barely scratch the surface of what I want to explore through this class.  I am looking to explore the ideas of digital fabrication and what those tools can do to help us as designers in shaping light.  The tools in which I wish to explore are not set in stone as I believe that tools should be used to solve a problem, not as a way or means of exploration.  This however will not limit me in my study, as I will be exploring fabrication and modeling techniques throughout the term, settling upon the method that best suits my final project.  As of right now I am not entirely sure of what my final project will be, although I do have ideas of what I want to explore.  I am interested in manipulating light based on human interaction as well as the way in which light and shadow can inform the way we use space.  Each of these ideas can manifest themselves in different ways, from a luminaire or building facade panel to an installation.


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